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About Us

Why we do, what we do...

Effortless integrations.
Powerful solutions.

Zinka is a software engineering business building customised software solutions for SMEs.  There has been a dramatic increase in the number of cloud-based software solutions that provide market leading functionality at a fraction of the cost of traditional software.  These software packages typically focus on and deliver excellent results for one particular business function (i.e CRM, Accounting, Scheduling, Project Management, Cloud Storage, Digital Signatures etc). Zinka development methodology is to integrate the best of these cloud solutions as well as a custom-built core module providing all business specific functionality. Through utilising pre-existing software packages, development time and therefore cost are dramatically reduced whilst providing the most cutting-edge, flexible business software available. 

Founder Alex Johnson has spent over 10 years as a director of a project delivery business, his expansive role including building and deploying internal software solutions.  


"We spent a lot of wasted time and energy trying to re-invent the wheel building complex software solutions for everything when amazing solutions already existed.  However stand alone, silo packages weren't the answer.  We didn't have the budget for an ERP system, nor would a rigid solution work in our rapidly evolving industry. 

The solution ultimately was a series of software packages delivering amazing functionality all seamlessly talking to each other.  This is where the Zinka approach was born.

Experienced Leadership

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